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Anonymous state variables in emacs lisp

05 Jun 2022

Asynchronous programming typically involves the use of context-local state variables, e.g., threads can use thread-local storage. In my consult-dash emacs package, results from multiple searches were collected into a single state variable for further processing. The state variable would have been created on the heap in languages such as C, and a reference passed along to any asynchronous calls, typically via a void pointer in C. Each invocation of the asynchronous procedure would create a new anonymous state, which should then be destroyed by the consumer of the result of the asynchronous procedure.

Tags: emacs, lisp

Building Lucas Chess on Fedora

04 Jun 2022

Building Lucas Chess from source on Fedora 35+ is fairly straightforward, but requires a couple of minor tweaks. The sources themselves, not the binaries, can be found on github; the linux binaries are built using Docker for Debian, but most of the dependencies are present in the Fedora repositories.

Tags: chess fedora

Consult interface for dash-docs

16 Apr 2022

A consult interface for a command is the usage of consult--read for completing read. This post is a list of issues encountered in the initial development of consult-dash.

Tags: emacs, consult, dash, async

VyOS interface firewall zone setup checklist

17 Jan 2022

Adding a new interface to an existing VyOS instance will typically require adding firewall rules for that interface. Here's a checklist:

Tags: vyos firewall checklist

Multicast routing debugging

08 Jan 2022

Setting up multicast reception on Fedora 34 requires using firewall-cmd to allow multicast traffic through firewalld via rich rules. The following is a description of a debugging session (or two) that helped identify the problem.

Tags: multicast dlna ssdp vyos nftables iptables
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