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VyOS interface firewall zone setup checklist

17 Jan 2022

Adding a new interface to an existing VyOS instance will typically require adding firewall rules for that interface. Here's a checklist:

Tags: vyos firewall checklist

Multicast routing debugging

08 Jan 2022

Setting up multicast reception on Fedora 34 requires using firewall-cmd to allow multicast traffic through firewalld via rich rules. The following is a description of a debugging session (or two) that helped identify the problem.

Tags: multicast dlna ssdp vyos nftables iptables

VyOS pimd setup for SSDP and DLNA

08 Jan 2022

Setting up SSDP propagation between two VLANs on the same physical interface turned out to be more challenging than expected.

Tags: vyos pimd multicast dlna
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